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Method 1976

This site is dedicated to the memory of Mick Brassington, David Hughes and Richard Chappell

Stormer is a group from West Yorkshire England who entertained audiances for over two decades.

Singer Mick Brassington,

Guitar John Hughes ,

Bass Steve Bell,

Drums Dave Symonds, Ron Kelly and Terry Dobson.

Ringo Starr signed the group to his record label RingO'Records in 1978. A single 'My Home Town was released in 1978 and reached 75 in the english chart and 17 in Germany. The Stormer Album never made it to a full release due to Ringo terminating The RingO'Record label early 1979.

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Singer Mick Brassington

Guitar  John Hughes

Bass    Steve Bell

Drums  Dave Symonds

            Ron Kelly

            Terry Dobson

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